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Groove Jones: Bio

UPDATE: (Question) Where can we catch Groove Jones? (Answer) We do a monthly show at Bistro 19 EVERY FIRST FIRST FRIDAY! We are also available for private events , corporate events, and weddings (your idea wedding band).



A source of all things funky, Groove Jones is a phenomenon that cannot be described by words alone. They are an eclectic band of musicians who refuse to conform to stereotypes. Funk, soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock and interesting grooves that are created on the fly an be heard from the loudspeakers whenever Groove Jones is performing.

Much more than just a musical phenomenon, Groove Jones knows how to bring the party, drawing the audience in every time! Most patrons agree that consistency of music and availability of their favorite acts provides for easy decisions when choosing a club to attend. For this reason, club owners are often inclined to request Groove Jones back for repeat performances; and like any successful musical act, no two shows are ever alike and the anticipation of the next event helps maintain interest in not only Groove Jones, but the venues that they perform in as well.

 Regardless of where they are, you know it’s going to be a party. “Where my party people at?”

Over the years The Groove Jones Family has taken up many shapes and sizes. Currently A) Rod & Joe perform as a Duo; B)  Groove Jones Jr. (w/ Tommy Leanza on drums, Terrell "Little Beard" Henry on Keys);  C) Groove Jones jr. FUNKY 4 piece that features "Black" Mike Smith on bass... and the BIG BAND Groove Jones... features all the FAMILY...which includes the very beautiful and talented Jasmine Scott on vocals. For the first time... this JONES feels like a family! And we couldn't be happier!! 

Regardless of where they are, you know it’s going to be a party. “Where my party people at?”

Rod Goelz - Guitarist, Background Vocals, Leader